The Art of Dale Mathis

The whirring of gears and pistons, the whimsy of fantasy, and the grit of the street kid made good, all combine into the art of Dale Mathis.

Dale Mathis’ mixed media, high relief sculptures and design objects defy the typical classifications of any art. The fantasy designs of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne coupled with an artist that any generation would be proud to call its own.

Dale Mathis’ sculptures and design objects are commanding, not just artistically, but physically. A “typical” Mathis work is mechanical, with moving gears, back- lighted, highly sculpted, often near 5′ long by 4′ wide and weighing at 80 lbs or more. Art imitates life, or in this case the 6’3”, 300lb Artist who creates them. Bigger is better in the world of Dale Mathis.

Deeply inspired by artists Salvador Dali and Edmonia Lewis, – Art was his escape into another reality he could create for himself.

You can visit Dale Mathis’s website at

Dale Mathis- David Mechanica

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