Denver Art Museum

The newest edition to the Denver Art Museum is the Frederic C. Hamilton Building which holds the Modern and Contemporary Art collection along with the Architecture and Design and Oceanic Art collections. Designed by architect Daniel Libeskind, the unique building will also serve as the main entrance to the rest of the museum complex. This ambitious design doubled the size of the museum allowing for an even greater expansion of the art inside of the daring aesthetic exterior.

The complex geometrical design of the Frederic C. Hamilton building consists of 230,000 square feet of titanium shingles that cover the 20 sloping planes of the structure. The angles jut in all directions and the 2,740-ton structure contains more than 3,100 pieces of steel. One of the angles extends 100 feet over the road running below. Of all the 20 planes, not one is parallel or perpendicular to another.

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